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EA Sports reveals top five quarterbacks for Madden 16

The EA Sports reveal series continues and shows which quarterbacks they rated the highest for their newest intsallment of Madden.

Roethlisberger makes EA Sports' top five quarterbacks list.
Roethlisberger makes EA Sports' top five quarterbacks list.
EA Sports

After revealing their top rookies and running backs in the ratings for Madden 16,EA Sports opened up their vault to show which quarterbacks made their top five list.

1. Aaron Rodgers: 99 overall, 95 throw power, 98 play action, 88 throw on the run, 80 throw accuracy deep, 94 throw accuracy short, 92 throw accuracy medium.

Rodgers is arguably the best quarterback you can ask for in a video game (next to 2004 Michael Vick). His throw power lets him reach all over the field and his accuracy is as good as you would ever need it to be in order to utilize all the different routes your receivers employ to get open. His mobility also makes him perfect for escaping when the pressure is on.

2. Tom Brady: 97 overall, 94 throw power, 96 throw accuracy short, 97 throw accuracy medium, 70 throw accuracy deep.

Brady is still a great asset for a west coast offense and can be the perfect quarterback to practice against. Seriously, put the computer on all-madden, go to practice mode, set the play selection on random and see if you can force him to make a mistake. It can be a serious challenge.

3. Drew Brees: 95 overall, 93 throw accuracy short, 91 throw accuracy medium, 79 throw accuracy deep, 87 throw power, 93 play action.

Brees is a great dinker-dunker quarterback on Madden but don't expect to be able to connect on a high percentage of your bombs with his limited throw power. You should at least look for a 92 throw power because taking the top off of a defense is one of the primary threats that can help you keep an opponent honest on each and every play.

4. Ben Roethlisberger: 95 overall, 94 throw power, 87 throw accuracy short, 90 throw accuracy medium, 73 throw accuracy deep, 92 play action, 85 strength, 95 throw on the run.

Roethlisberger's 85 strength is a league high for quarterbacks and comes into play when your opponent manages to get a free blitzer on him. Having a quarterback that can throw off a defender and then find the open target the defense exposed with the blitz can be extremely valuable, especially on thrid down plays when the blitz can be more expected. His ability to throw on the run also comes in handy while under pressure with his league high 95, just don't try to run too far with Ben.

5. Andrew Luck: 94 overall, 95 throw power, 92 play action, 95 throw on the run, 88 throw accuracy short, 89 throw accuracy medium, 75 throw accuracy deep.

As of now, Luck looks like a younger Rodgers in Madden until he can improve his deep ball. His mobility can frustrate defenses and his league high throw on the run stat makes him even more of a mobile threat than Ben with the added speed. If you're looking for a young player to use in franchise as your quarterback, look no further.

For quarterbacks I always find that the most important characteristics are to have really high throw power so that defenses can't focus on the short passes, and respectable throw accuracy stats across the board. So Rodgers is perfect for what I would be looking for, but Ben and Luck are the next step down.

Side note: this may be the first time in the history of ever that EA Sports hasn't listed Peyton Manning in its top five quarterbacks.