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Steelers Podcast 'What's Hot' to air tonight at 9:30PM ET

Join us as we talk about the latest Steelers' news and gear up for Steelers training camp!

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Join us tonight on our weekly show, "What's Hot" for our final July show on tonight at 9:30PM ET.

Tonight we have a lot of news to go over from the previous week, as well as new topics to discuss that help prepare us both for fantasy football season and the start of Steelers' Training Camp!

Join our BTSC talk team where you can listen in by clicking here. You can also call in to join the show and voice your opinion by calling (347) 850-8581.

Tonight we look to cover the following topics as well as others:

  • The major re-signing of Cameron Heyward to a long-term contract. What it includes, what it means for the future?
  • Is Heyward the undisputed leader of this new defense? Who else might be?
  • ESPN writer Jeremy Fowler thinks AJ Green will be the AFC North MVP for 2015? We'll go over who we think might be more realistic selections.
  • BTSC has released our top lists for fantasy football in quarterbacks, running backs and receivers. We'll go over those lists, discuss the players named and passed on, as well as hear from you on which players should take priority over others.
  • There's uncertainty as far as the status of Le'Veon Bell's suspension; we'll talk about that and the standing of the Tom Brady suspension.
  • Where are the main training camp battles on the team? What positions should we watch the closest?
Steelers' Training Camp begins when players report this Saturday, July 25th, by 4PM ET. We'll be sure to get your prepped for this weekend with our show! Tune in by clicking here, and don't forget to call-in at (347) 850-8581. You can also follow our discussions on twitter from our account: @btsteelcurtain.