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EA Sports reveals top five NFL wide receivers for Madden 16

Who are the top receivers for Madden 16? A certain Steeler was named as #1.

As the EA Sports reveal series continues, we get a look at the wide receiver position. Here is a look at the top five wide receivers for Madden NFL 16.

1. Antonio Brown: 97 overall, 99 catch, 99 route running, 98 catch in traffic, 90 speed, 96 elusiveness, 91 acceleration, 93 spectacular catch, 95 juke move.

This is the first time since Troy Polamalu's prime that a Steeler has been rated as the top at a primary position. Brown has been a monster for some time in Madden, and looks to be just as nasty in Madden 16. 99 route running means more open opportunities for open spaces and easier passes for Roethlisberger, 99 catch and 98 catch in traffic means he will almost never drop the ball. The only thing to gripe about here is his 90 speed rating; the feats he accomplished this past season show that he should have maintained his 92 speed and not been slowed down. What will be interesting to see is his release rating, determining how good they see Brown is at getting in and out of his breaks which is a major talent of this playmaker. Congratulations AB, you're thre best.

2. Dez Bryant: 96 overall, 98 catching, jumping, and spectacular catching, 89 speed, 90 acceleration, 92 elusiveness, 91 spin move, 95 juke move.

Be sure to watch for fade-city when playing against Cowboys users again in Madden 16. Bryant's size and skills make him like the Randy Moss of old with his ratings and for sure will be abused even more so with the absence of Demarco Murray. I'm sure the first thing many Cowboys fans will be doing is throwing up deep passes against Green Bay saying "DEZ CAUGHT IT!"

3. Calvin Johnson: 95 overall, 98 release, 97 catch, 91 catch in traffic, 98 spectacular catch. 93 agility, 90 juke move, 92 route running.

Megatron is still a beast who, much like Bryant, who will be the target of 150,484,923,208.2 fade routes from Madden user over the course of the next game. He's a great option as a receivers till and will pull in any slightly off passes from Stafford. If he increases his stats this season back to what they were around 2012, we could see him shoot back up to a 99.

4. Odell Beckham Jr.: 94 overall, 99 spectacular catch, 92 speed, 97 catch, 97 route running, 96 juke move, 93 acceleration, 92 elusiveness.

Maybe 94 is a little high for the second year player, but he was spectacular for the games he played in during the 2014 season. His iconic two-fingered catch gives him the right to a high spectacular catch rating and his athleticism could make him a nightmare in the game when you're trying to slow down the Giants offense. If they program crazy catches for Odell to specifically make get ready for reason for people to bring up the "2K WAS BETTER" age-old argument.

5. Julio Jones: 94 overall, 92 speed, 92 acceleration, 97 spectacular catch, 94 catch/catch in traffic/agility, 87 elusiveness, 87 jump, 91 route running.

Julio is probably the fastest tall receiver left in the game that will receive high marks in all the major ratings at this position. 92 speed allows for him to blaze by most corners and his height mixed with 97 spectacular catch will give him the fade factor like Johnson and Bryant.

Glad someone finally got it right when it came to rating the top wide receiver in the NFL.