Even thinks something is amiss now has finally acknowledged Le'Veon Bell's appeal has not yet been heard. An appeal they have subsequently ignored in the wake of Deflategate (even typing the word now gives me a headache) ever since May.

This is starting to get weird. Does the NFL realize that training camp has started? How long must Le'Veon Bell wait to hear his appeal? Beyond anything, this offseason has taught reaffirmed to us that they play favorites. Tom Brady gets to turn the NFL into a 3-ring circus without any consequences, yet Le'veon Bell was suspended more than a month before Brady, has gone through the process of the NFL's marijuana program, and STILL hasn't heard his appeal yet, in what should pretty much be a cut-and-dry case (in getting the suspension reduced for good behavior), whereas the decision for Brady's appeal has lasted a month.

We keep hearing that the NFL's decision on the Brady case is going to come "today or tomorrow" yet weeks have passed since that has first been said. It has become absolutely clear to me that the NFL has absolutely no idea what they are doing with their appeals process (nor am I claiming I do, but just pointing out their incompetency)

Something needs to be done about the NFL. I don't know what, but something.

Thank you for reading this public service announcement.

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