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Steelers Podcast Sunday at 2 pm EDT: The Blast Furnace

Christoper Carter and Dani Bostick get you caught up on training camp... and more!

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Training camp is finally here and you can join us-- Christopher Carter and Dani Bostick-- as we host the first edition of BTSC's new talk show: the Blast Furnace.

You listen to the show by clicking here, and can join the show by calling 347-850-8581.

Blast Furnace takes the place of What's Hot, which was hosted by Bryan DeArdo and Christopher Carter. Bryan, got a new position with 24/7 sports. We wish him all the best moving forward as he is a great writer, host and knows as much about the Steelers as any super fan.

Sunday we will cover the following topics:

  • Training Camp Updates -  with Steelers reporting Saturday Pittsburgh is back in football season. We cover the talk of the first weekend.
  • PUP list - who's on it and how severe are the injuries.
  • Kevin Colbert's contract is extended through 2018, we cover his successes, mis-steps and what this means for Pittsburgh.
  • State of the running backs.
  • Role play segment: Dani and Christopher don the personalities of different Steelers in conversations.
  • James Harrison is accused of steroids by a Patriots fan, but handles it with class.
  • Pittsburgh's tough schedule, why it's a good thing, and our predictions on the season.
  • Antonio Brown is ranked as the best wide receiver by EA Sports.
  • Fantasy Blitz - We go over close matchups of fantasy players to draft and each pick a player who we think you should draft over the other:
    • Le'Veon Bell vs. Jamaal Charles
    • Julian Edelman vs. DeSean Jackson
    • Russell Wilson vs. Peyton Manning
    • Alfred Morris vs. Justin Forsett.
    • Alshon Jeffery vs. Mike Evans
    • Ben Roethlisberger vs. Drew Brees.

Follow us on Twitter through @btsteelcurtain as well to chime in on topics.