BTSC Commenter Hall of Fame

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We sit approximately in the middle of the off-season, as training camp has begun. Like many others on BTSC, I look forward to the many articles about who is shining-- and who isn't-- in training camp. There are many great writers on BTSC, and we all get to enjoy their work every time we type in

That being said, part of the BTSC experience for many of us is the comment section after posts. Not only does the comment section serve as the home for trolls and chants for success, but also to many insightful thoughts about the topic at hand. Personally, I enjoy BTSC more above other Steelers sites because the comments section normally adds a great deal of depth and perspective I would have never arrived to on my own -- and some great discussion about them.

So to help get through the doldrums we are experiencing at this point in the off-season, I decided to see if people would be willing to form a "BTSC Commenter Hall of Fame". Simply put, although many people add insight and great content on occasion, some commenters go above and beyond in the depth and value they bring to the table on a regular basis. Some of these users I often search out in the comment section to see what thoughts they have on a subject, because I know they are normally level-headed and logical in their arguments. Others I search out for the humor and entertainment value they bring to the table.

Regardless of why you enjoy viewing a certain person's comments more than others, here is your chance to give them a little recognition, as many of the people who write the main page articles get for their great contributions to BTSC. Here is to recognizing the commenters who add great value in the spot below the already well stated articles.

The rules are simple:

1)For a nomination to be considered a "successful nomination" for the Hall of Fame, another person must comment their name in the comment section under this post (argument for nomination optional) AND the post must be rec'd enough to be green. (For a post to be green it must receive 5 rec's.)
2)The number of inductees will be set at 5 commenters OR 25% of the "successful nominations", whichever is greater, who win the popular vote in subsequent polls.

Hopefully this will be some fun to help the time pass just a little bit quicker before the NFL season begins when our Steelers play the Patriots.

Looking forward to hearing who your favorite commenters are, and as always, Go Steelers!

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