Shaw Lemon has been released

I said they would cut him last week and got flamed for it, people telling me I don't know what I'm talking about some have been saying he was going to be a starter.One of the writers here keeps listing him over a couple other linebackers as someone to watch closely even though he's never played a nfl snap.I'm just wondering how anybody came to those conclusions and wanted to point out that maybe you guy's should look past my salty disposition because I've got my finger on the pulse of this team and have some pretty good insight that I try to share. Now, maybe his achilles heals and he get's resigned it's certainly possible but as of now he's out and they signed a db Jordan Sullen to take his spot.I've never heard of him and he's probably just a camp body but with 2nd round pick Senquez Golson on the pup with a injury it's an interesting move.

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