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Pittsburgh Steelers RB Josh Harris shows off Harrisonesque work ethic

James Harrison isn't the only Pittsburgh Steeler in beast mode this off season. Josh Harris is also working out hard and showing off on social media.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Steelers RB Josh Harris recently was tested for PEDs twice in the same 90-day period by the NFL. It could be random bad luck, but I doubt there were any long snappers getting tested that frequently this offseason. With scandals running rampant in the NFL, it is good to know that the league takes the issue of PEDs seriously, at least in terms of testing. (I think PED penalties should be even harsher than they are, but that is an article for another time.)

Josh Harris frequently writes about work ethic on social media. Recently he cited WR Antonio Brown's motto: "'You think I just roll out of bed and get 1,600,'" he quoted. Then he had his own piece of advice: "Surround yourself with people just like you. Work ethic is rare on this level."

Thankfully, Josh Harris has plenty of teammates with superhuman work ethic. James Harrison gets a lot of coverage for his feats of strength and beastmodishness, but there are other Steelers working hard.

He also tweeted:

In my opinion, this tweet was a bit dangerous considering the NFL's proclivity to inconvenience Harris with drug tests. On the other hand, the more often Harris can prove he improves his physical condition by hard work alone, the better.

Running back is a position of concern for the Steelers, so it is encouraging to see Josh Harris taking his training to new levels. Perhaps he is gearing up for a breakout season this year. Good timing, since Le'Veon Bell will have to serve his suspension for the first few games.