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Deflategate decision on the horizon: Review of BTSC Deflategate news and opinions

A decision about Tom Brady's deflategate punishment is on the horizon, finally. Since Brady can take the matter to court, it may not be a definitive decision, so the process could drag out even longer. Check out a summary of BTSC deflategate coverage, as the fate of Brady's suspension could be determined in the next few days.

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It has been a long road from the discovery of deflated footballs in the January to the appeals verdict which is expected some time this week. Check out some of our previous news articles and commentary on the scandal that will impact the Steelers in terms of their first game against the Patriots and the rest of the league in terms of the NFL's power and authority in meting out punishments against players.

By bashing the 'Patriots Way,' former Steelers WR Emmanuel Sanders does the opposite of the 'Steeler Way' from June 29, 2015.  Sanders spoke out about the Patriots scandal. Bryan DeArdo noted that the Steelers generally try to lay low with public comments during such incidents.

Ex-Steelers safety Ryan Clark chimes in on Tom Brady from May 7, 2015. More comments from the NFL player peanut gallery as reported by Jeff Hartman.

Tom Brady & Roger Goodell face off- Deflategate appeal begins today from June 23, 2015.  Dani Bostick explored pertinent issues related to Tom Brady's appeal before NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Deflategate: Much more on the line than a four-game suspension from June 19, 2015. Dani Bostick took a look at a possible bribery angle in the Deflategate scandal. If Brady's sentence is reduced or suspended, this aspect of the case would make that particularly frustrating.

Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell still reamains in the dark regarding appeal of his supsension from June 18, 2015. A frustrating angle that Jeff Hartman addressed. While Brady has had his appeal, what is going on with Bell's?

Tom Brady on the field for the week 1 against the Steelers? Its looking more likelyfrom June 13, 2015. With over 271 comments, this article by Dani Bostick was one of the most controversial in BTSC Deflategate coverage. Still, the the AEI report that undermined the calculations in the Wells Report was one of many pieces that seems to indicate the appeal could end up in Brady's favor.

The NFL's favoritism on full display throughout the Tom Brady appeal process from May 30, 2015. Again, Jeff Hartman explores the double standard when it comes to timely appeals hearings. Brady's was scheduled at this point. What about Bell?

Deflategate: Kraft doesn't appeal, Goodell manages to say very little while speaking to the media from May 20, 2015. Robert Kraft, in a display of faux magnanimity, announced he would not appeal the Patriots punishment, while Goodell was super-cagey at his press conference. As Dani Bostick reported, the only news of substance was Goodell opening the door to a reduced suspension for Tom Brady.

Why, despite public opinion, Deflategate cannot receive too much coverage from May 16, 2015. Sure, some fans get tired of Deflategate. In this piece, Dani Bostick argues the coverage of Deflategate is both relevant and entertaining.

The New England Patriots rebuttal to the Wells report is beyond hilarious from May 14, 2015 Since this article was written, there has been a more serious rebuttal in the form of the AEI report, but the Patriots attempt to explain away key evidence was hilarious, as Dani Bostick explained.

Week 1 without Tom Brady and Le'Veon Bell will show that no player is above the NFL from May 13, 2015. At this point it seemed like a given that Brady would serve his full suspension. The likelihood of that is not quite as strong now, but Anthony Defeo took a look at the implications of the week 1 suspensions of Brady and Bell for the first match up of the season.

"Deflategate" rising, while Patriots talk it down from January 22, 2015. The Patriots minimized a rather large scandal from the get go. Dan Sager wrote about the significance of Deflategate and the Patriots response.

Deflategate: 11 of 12 AFC Championship game balls under-inflated, NFL says from January 21, 2015. Dan Sager reported on the initial scandal when news first broke of the extent of the underinflation.