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Not looking good for Tom Brady: Deflategate Appeal moved from Minnesota to New York

Tom Brady's appeal is underway, and Brady has already experienced a setback.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

A brief update on the ongoing Deflategate saga, the outcome of which impacts both the Patriots early-season competitors on a small scale, and the entire NFL and its fanbase on a larger scale. In Goodell's appeal decision, he outlined convincing evidence that Tom Brady was indeed involved in a scheme to deflate game-day footballs below acceptable limits. He also destroyed evidence requested as part of the investigation.

Almost immediately, Brady filed an appeal in Minnesota, which has a history of ruling in favor of players and undermining the authority of Roger Goodell and the NFL.

Today, however, Brady's plans to have is appeal heard before a more player-friendly judge were foiled. The case was moved to New York. The US District Court of Minnesota released the order in which was written:

"The Court, however, perceives no reason for this action to proceed in Minnesota.... Indeed the Court sees little reason for this action to have been commenced in Minnesota at all. Brady plays for a team in Massachusetts; the Union is headquartered in Washington, DC; the NFL is headquartered in New York; the arbitration proceedings took place in New York; and the awared was issued in New York."

What will this mean for Brady? For starters, his appeal will be heard in a jurisdiction that isn't known for supporting the interests of players.