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Pittsburgh Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell's Partner in Crime is Out of Shape

Bell's literal partner in crime showed up to Pats training camp out of shape

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

While Bell is rocking eat-a-cheeseburger body fat levels-- under 3%, allegedy, and maybe even "obviously" given his ab-exposure yesterday, even the abs on his abs have abs-- his partner in crime, Patriots RB LeGarrette Blount, failed his conditioning test yesterday at training camp.

Say what???? Yes. It is true.

In addition to being former teammates and running backs, the duo has something else in common: They both thought it would be super-cool to get high on marijuana and, in the case of Bell, operate a vehicle to get  to the airport for a preseason game last August. Bell just saw his suspension reduced to two games while Blount-- his name is just too perfect for this story-- will miss one game.

One thing the running backs do not have in common is their commitment to fitness and playing at 145% effort. NFL percentages are sort of like dog years. When you convert 145% to non-NFL levels, you end up with 99.25%.

While Bell has been posting videos of his insane, Riverdance-esque footwork, finesseful acceleration and deceleration (Whoa! Now he's fast, now he's slow-- how confusing this will be for our opponents!), who knows what Blount has been up to. Has he been getting his JaMarcus Russell on and indulging in fast food? Sitting on the sofa playing Madden?

While we don't know exactly what Blount was up to in the offseason, we do know what he is up to right now: Chilling on the non-football injury list while he gets his fitness up to par.

I present to you Exhibits A through C- Three times Le'Veon Bell was caught NOT being like Blount.

a lotta ppl can post dunks & highlights, but not a lot of ppl can post this! 2.9% body fat! #Juice #BestShapeEver

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filming for my E:60...was great working out for ESPN, got my 4 miles in running & I'm feeling GREAT!! #Juice

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just a quick rep...workout video later!! #Juice

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