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Pittsburgh Steelers UDFAs: Is the next James Harrison lurking in this group? (Part IV)

While the drafted rookies are getting all the attention, the Steelers have a slew of promising undrafted free agents. I'll take a look these players in a multi-part series.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

First, catch up on the players we've already covered in part 1part 2, and part 3.

The eight players who were selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2015 NFL Draft have certainly been talked about at length, but what about the undrafted rookie free agents (UDFAs) who were signed by the team shortly after the NFL Draft concluded? In this series, we will give you what you need to know about these players, as well as whether the next James Harrison (who was an UDFA himself) is waiting to make their presence felt.

Name: Ross Scheuerman

Position: RB

College: Lafayette College

Superpowers: Scheuerman put up some astounding numbers in college, but he played for a less-than-competitive school. Nonetheless, a four-season career total of 3,504 rushing yards and 31 touchdowns is impressive. Perhaps his dopest feat was rushing for a Patriot League-record 304 yards against rival Leigh in November. Oh, and he can also catch.

Not Super: According to scouting reports, he struggles when it comes to cutbacks and is not awesome at pass blocking. Likewise, he is easy to tackle.

Bottom Line: Running Back is a position of need. We saw what happened when Le'Veon Bell was injured for that mess of a playoff game against the Ravens. More reliable depth at this position would be very helpful and alleviate a lot of fear and anxiety. Is Scheuerman our guy?  If he is, he'll be coached by one of the best RB coaches in the league, James Saxon.

Name: Eli Rogers

Position: Wide Receiver

College: Louisville

Superpowers: By all accounts he has noteworthy quickness and the ability evade defenders. See for yourself:

Not Super: At 5'10" and 185, he is not a big player. He also did not demonstrate elite level of play until his senior year, though this is not necessarily a negative. It could just mean he has a lot of room for improvement.

Bottom Line: The Steelers roll deep at WR, boasting one of the best and most threatening receiving corps in the league. With Sammie Coates drafted in the third round, it would be hard to imagine a scenario in which Rogers would make the final roster, though he could be a candidate for the practice squad or some special teams work if the Steelers feel he can contribute there.