BTSC Commenter HoF: The Nominees

And then there were 37.

37 successful nominations were made for the BTSC Commenter Hall of Fame Class of 2016. Thank you all for your participation, and now we get to the slimming down of the field! With 37 successful nominations, we will have a class of 9 inductees, including one "First Ballot" Hall of Fame commenter. (More on the "First Ballot" portion later in the finalist article.) That being said, just like the NFL Hall of Fame, we will have a group of 15 finalists before the last votes are made to determine the inductees.

The rules are simple:

1) I will comment below with each nominee's username. Comments will be posted highest to lowest rec's for the nominee according to the nomination article. Each rec will be a vote for that commenter to move on to the next round. (Ideally you would only vote for a maximum of 15 people, as only 15 move on.) Nominees, please do not vote for yourself, but feel free to vote for others.
2)The top 15 rec receivers will become the finalists, the others will be eliminated.

Will there be any upsets, or will the top 15 rec receivers from the first article remain the same? Will any commenters from days past continue their journey to the finalist round? Will everyone's most hated favorite troll Ravens fan, Mr MaLoR, have enough crowd support? Only one way to find out and make a difference.... Vote!

I hope everyone continues to have fun with this series, and I look forward to seeing who remains in the competition as a finalist! And as always...

Go Steelers!

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