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Saturday Night Open Thread: Saturday Steelers Six

There was no Friday Five, but with six Steelers Super Bowl rings and awesome alliteration, a Saturday Six might be even better.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp is in full force, and there is finally some news that is more current and fresh.

As usual, let us know what you're drinking, pull up a chair (or sit down on your sofa) and enjoy a chat about our favorite team.

1) Mike Tomlin was seen schooling the cornerbacks in the art of the Cover 2, something he ran when he was a defensive coach. While it is too soon to speculate on a shift to the 4-3 with the Steelers, we can play You are Defensive Coordinator right here. If you were the Steelers DC, what schemes would you adopt. Assume you have the correct personnel.

2) If you could intern for any Steelers coach, with whom would you like to work?

3) You are hired as training camp coordinator and have to plan a fun activity or game for the players. Kendall Simmons' favorite was RC monster truck races and softball. What old-school camp activity would you like to see your favorite team do?

4) A) What is your favorite piece of news coming out of training camp?  B) Which players are you most excited about.

5) Le'Veon Bell's suspension was reduced to two games today. What will his 2015 stats for total yardage and touchdowns be? Make your predictions here.

6) If you could pick two players to have a 20-year, injury-free career (imagine they would be frozen at their 2014 level of play), which two players would you pick to stay with the Steelers for an extra-long career?