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What you need to know (and see) about Steelers CB Brandon Boykin

Who is the newest member of the Steelers? It's Brandon Boykin, the cornerback who will save our secondary.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

All hail the Boy King, Brandon "Savior of the Steelers Secondary" Boykin.

Here are five facts you need to know about our new cornerback whom the Steelers acquired in a Keystone State trade with the Philadelphia Eagles.

1) Impressive college career at the University of Georgia.

Boykin attended the University of Georgia where he had a career-total 159 tackles, nine interceptions, and a sack.

2) One of the best athletes in the 2012 draft

Scouting reports praised his "superior quickness and leaping ability" along with his past experience as an offensive slot receiver. Check this out, according to the scouting report: "He is a burner who will be able to stay with any receiver in the NFL." Fantastic! He ended up being a fourth-round pick.

3) Not a big guy, but gets the job done

At 5'9" there were rumblings going into the draft that Boykin could be too small to tackle effectively. He proved critics wrong, tallying 31 tackles his rookie year in 2012, 47 in 2013, and 37 last season.

4) Frustrated recently over lack of playing time

During the 2013 season, he only played 52 percent of the Eagles' snaps. The figure dropped significantly in 2014, to Boykins dismay. Eagles defensive coordinator Billy Davis preferred to start Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher, a source of frustration and disappointment for the talented cornerback and former Philadelphia fan favorite. In June he said, "It's two years running with this story and it's getting real old for me. I'm just going to continue to be the best slot in the NFL. I feel like I am. I feel like my statistics show that and that's what I'm focused on.

5) Huge playmaker

Boykin is known as a playmaker, capable of making huge, clutch, game-changing plays. I'll let his 2013 highlights speak for themselves: