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Pittsburgh Steelers comments and reactions to the preseason loss to the Vikings

Players and Mike Tomlin had a lot to say about Sunday's game, both to the media and on Twitter.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Will Johnson expressed concern about Shaun Suisham's injury via The Observer-Reporter, "Once you get into the red zone and you don't turn the ball over, it's almost an automatic three points with Suisham. I hope it's not anything serious."

Mike Tomlin was disappointed in the outcome of the game, saying, "That wasn't the type of performance we were looking for."  On Jesse James he said, "Knuckle up. This is Sunday ball. This is not Saturday ball. That's what I say to him." He wasn't disappointed in Brandon Boykin, noting, "Obviously it's been a good week for him... I like his approach."

Arthur Moats said, "Tackling. I definitely need to work on that for sure.... We'll watch the tape tomorrow then we'll learn from it and get better."

Kevin Fogg on the interception, "It was actually really cool." He's also buying B.W. Webb a burger since his teammate contributed to the play.

Landry Jones spoke about his performance at Quarterback, saying, "There were good things and bad things."

Ryan Shazier is feeling good: "The game has slowed down a lot more for me, and I feel better than ever out there."

And on social media...

Stephon Tuitt is excited about the Steelers defense.

Le'Veon bell really likes his abs.