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Pittsburgh Steelers: Fewest arrests in the AFC North over last 5 years

The Minnesota Vikings have had 18 arrests in the last five years. The Steelers have only had 6, which is the lowest number in their division.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Rosenberg of the San Jose Mercury News compiled some interesting data that he released early today-- number of player arrests per team over the last five years.

If you think the cowboys lead the pack, you are wrong. The Minnesota Vikings top the list with 18. Dallas only had seven.

Where do the Steelers fit in? While they do not have the fewest number of arrests in the NFL-- that honor goes to the Houston Texans who have only had one arrest in the last five years-- with six arrests, they have the fewest in their division.

The Baltimore Ravens and the Cincinnati Bengals have each had 10 arrests in the past five years, while the Cleveland Browns have had eight.

This time last year, Le'Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount were arrested together for marijuana use and, in the case of Bell, DUI. This past March, Antwon Blake was arrested on public intoxication charges. The Steelers other arrests were former RB Chris Rainey for simple battery in 2013 (this was an altercation with his girlfriend), and Alameda Ta'amu in 2012 for a drunken police chase that involved crashing into parked cars and injuring one person.

While scores of people are arrested each day, professional athletes are in the spotlight, making their crimes fodder for news stories. With all the controversy over personal conduct punishments in the NFL, player infractions and crimes can also generate coverage about suspensions and subsequent appeals.

Many of these NFL arrests are for minor infractions such as disorderly conduct-- poor choices like refusing to leave a club (or steakhouse, in one case) at closing time. Likewise, many players, including Le'Veon Bell, are able to use their arrest as a learning opportunity and make better decisions in the future.