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SteelCast Podcast 11 P.M. Tonight: Steelers, AFC, rest of the NFL & more!

If you missed Sunday's SteelCast after the Hall of Fame Game, well, you don't know what you missed (obviously, because you can't know what you can't know. It was what it was). Don't make the same mistake twice. Tune in tonight!

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Carter and Dani Bostick will join forces with super-esteemed guest Nkwa Asonye once again to bring you the latest and greatest in news about the Steelers, AFC North, and the rest of the NFL. The three of us got together just a few days ago, but since then it seems there is enough new news to fill up a four-hour-long show. Don't worry, we'll keep it to around an hour.

Use (347) 850-8581 to call in.

Here's our line up:

1) Steelers training camp. The Black & Gold is back to work after a day off. You'll definitely want to hear about the highlights from today's practice.

2) Geno Smith's busted jaw. We'll start off with one of the biggest NFL stories of the preseason. Jets QB Geno Smith had his jaw busted by a teammate-- so busted he is out for 6-10 weeks. Whoa. We'll discuss what this means for his team, and take a trip down memory lane at other instances of player-on-player aggression.

3) A rousing round of Right or Wrong. Instead of fighting about fantasy football, which will also happen tonight, Dani & Chris will weigh in on the validity of statements about the Steelers and teams on the Steelers regular season schedule. Nkwa will be our Roger Goodell, as it were. Our neutral arbitrator. Feel free to weigh in on Twitter or call in during this segment.

4) Fantasy Fooball Blitz- Apparently this is supposed to be a speed-round which neither Dani or Chris respected last week, but we'll continue to give you a few fantasy match-ups to mull over. Nkwa will be our cross-examiner and voice of reason once again.

5) Listener requests. Sure, we're not playing music, but if there's a topic you want to hear us talk about, hit Dani up on Twitter. @DaniBostick. We'll also be manning, er, womanning the BTSC Twitter feed during the SteelCast, so you can check in there as well.