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Pittsburgh Steelers Saturday Six Open Thread

Friday night we were all busy with preseason football. How about a mid-weekend Saturday Six?

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Two preseason games down, three to go. Though we lost both, there were some fine performances from new and veteran players alike. There were also more than several disappointments in both games. Let's use the Saturday Night Six to take a look at what we've learned from these two matchups.

As usual, tell us what you're drinking and then weigh on on these six questions.

1) The first-team offense had an awesome opening drive that ended in a touchdown and a two-point conversion, putting the team up 8-0 within minutes. Which player impressed you most on that drive?

2) Special teams has underperformed the last two preseason games. You be the coach: Where has special teams gone wrong?

3) C.J. Goodwin, Sammie Coates, Shakim Phillips, and DHB. Rank these guys in order of talent and preference for making the final 53.

4) Which member of the secondary appears most comfortable with Cover 2? Who had the worst time with it yesterday?

5) Which veteran member of the defense impressed you the most during our game against Jacksonville? Which veteran has been the most disappointing in the first two preseason games?

6) How many rushing yards do you think DeAngelo Williams will have during the regular season? Please explain your answer.