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Pittsburgh Steelers Friday 5

Another Friday, another set of five questions to consider about the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Chris Hondros/Getty Images

The start of the regular season is only three weeks away! If you're here at BTSC on a Friday evening, tell us what you're drinking and weigh in on our Friday Five.

1) The Steelers have the toughest schedule in the NFL this year. Which game do you think will be the most competitive and why?

2) If you could replace any one of the Steelers coaches with another active coach in the league, who would it be?

3) Hindsight is 20/20.  If you could redo the first three rounds of the 2015 draft, who would you pick instead of Bud Dupree, Senquez Golson, and Sammie Coates?

4) Steelers training camp has come to an end. Which player impressed you the most during training camp? Which player was most disappointing?

5) Are you planning on going to any Steelers games this year? If so, where? If not, which game would you go to if circumstances allowed?