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Podcast 10:30PM: SteelCast Postgame show Steelers vs. Packers, injuries, NFL News

Join SteelCast tonight for postgame talk from the Steelers vs. Packers game, NFL talk and more!

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

SteelCast returns this week with a postgame edition on Monday night.

Join Dani Bostick and me with our regular guest, Nkwa Asonye, as we talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers' victory on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers. Significant injuries were suffered by both teams, big plays were made and development could be seen in some young players on the Steelers' roster. Listen in with us to see if you agree on our assessment of the game.

As always you can join us by calling 347-850-8581 to join us on the air with any questions and/or comments you might have.

Topics we will be sure to cover:

Steelers News

  • Steelers win, winners, losers, highlights.
  • Maurkice Pouncey injury; latest news, what it means and the long term impact;
  • Stephon Tuitt injury; not as serious injury, depth chart ready;
  • Steelers get six sacks, including safety on Aaron Rodgers;
  • Timmons has turf toe, how bad that might be;
  • Who are the most improved Steelers of 2015 so far?
  • Packers WR Jordy Nelson joins preseason list of lost players in 2015;
  • Robert Griffin III injury rumors, whether Jay Gruden is to blame;
  • Terrell Suggs' hit on Sam Bradford, whether it was dirty whether Suggs is a dirty player;
Fantasy News
  • Impact of Jordy Nelson's injury, Davante Adams' stock will rise;
  • Demarco Murray and the running back plan in Philadelphia should be a caution sign;
  • Jameis Winston a legitimate option as a late pick for a RB/WR heavy team?
  • And more!
Show starts at 10:30PM! Listen by clicking here!