What Mike Vick and Doug Legursky mean for Steelers

Tuesday was the day we have been waiting for since Sunday's hosting of Green Bay, in a pre-season game, left more questions than answers from a personnel standpoint. With the injuries of Pro-Bowl center Maurkice Pouncey and backup QB Bruce Gradkowski moves needed to be made.

The Steelers first move was signing a familiar face, Doug Legursky. Legursky gives the Steelers a proven NFL ready veteran interior lineman with guard and center experience who will afford the Steelers the ability to not keep Hubbard if Finney has actually beaten him out for the final offensive line roster spot. The corresponding move sending receiver David Nelson to season-ending IR shows the Steelers believe he could be in their plans for 2016.

Signing Mike Vick seemed a bit questionable given Gradkowski's thumb wouldn't be a season ending injury but when it comes out that his shoulder still isn't right and that surgery on it is an option the move makes sense. Vick, while damaged reputation still exists in the eyes of some, has proven to be a model citizen and should fit in nicely. My three concerns--that will be monitored closely are: he is left handed so his blind side would actually be right side not left--which matters, he isn't a true pocket passer--Haley offense needs one, and he wore #7 or #1 in his career. Welcome to Pittsburgh Mr. Vick.

Both of the above moves likely keep offensive "weapon" Tyler Murphy on the 53; which should be a good thing. The Steelers deserve a lot of credit for how they have handled the entire 90 man roster thus far in camp/August.

OH and incase Mike Vick is listening--we have a #7 already and #1 is the team so start looking for a third number; Thanks. #SteelersNation

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