Build Your Own Roethlisberger...with Mettenberger Meat?

How would you like to have a NFL ready backup who could ALSO be the future of the franchise as well?

Consider Zach Mettenberger of the Tennessee Titans:

6-5 224 strong armed, 24 years old, tested QB (one year starting experience)

It would probably cost a 2016 first rounder. Is that too expensive for your taste?

The 2016 draft is suppose to have some intriguing talent at the QB position available, but any rookie would be raw and need to be developed (and of course could end up being a bust). Hence, the reason why Tennessee would be willing to part with Mettenberger for a first round pick.

So far, the Steelers have been spending first rounders and have had to wait patiently to see the fruit of the investment.

How would you like to spend a future first rounder on a talent you can use as a legitimate backup now as well as develop as the future of the franchise?

What makes this even more attractive is that the front office has already pulled off a steal for a 2016 fourth rounder in Brandon Boykin (let's assume that they sign him to an extension).

So one could rationalize that spending a 2016 first rounder and fourth rounder, one would get back

Brandon Boykin and Zach Mettenberger (two players who would definitely have value now and in the future for a pick that won't be spent until next year).

If you think Boykin is worth a first rounder, then you would probably think that Mettenberger would be definitely worth a fourth rounder, and the pick investment would average out.

Another benefit is that you could save a roster spot at QB and avoid all the Michael Vick distress.

What do you all think?

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