A Petition For More Content With... Content

I would respectfully like to ask that we see some more articles that are informative about what happens on the field. I feel from reading many similar thoughts in the comments sections that I'm not alone in this, so I thought I would offer an opportunity to get a quantitative feel for the mood of the readership on this topic. I would like to keep all animosity out of this as much as possible. I realize the site is under new leadership, and it's not an easy job. Particularly in the off season, substantive and informative football news is hard to come by. However, after reading a 5th article on the signing of Mike Vick, none of which gave more than a very brief wave at his capability as a QB and what this means for the Steelers on the field, I thought it's time to speak up.

There seems to be a real trend toward articles that are more commentary than analysis, focusing on feelings rather than football. There may be plenty of conversation generated by these kind of articles, but what is the quality of the "conversation?" To use the Vick articles again as an example, I see only an opportunity for the worst in all the readers to come out, sour relationships, and get people banned. Not a positive addition to the site. Increasing traffic is obviously a key goal, but if that were the only goal you could just turn it into a Steelers themed porn site. You want quality traffic, because sensationalism may gain readers in the short term, but it loses readers long term. I hope the site's proprietor's are reading this, and are not offended but merely see this as some honest feedback.

Before concluding, though, I always feel that it's poor form and less than helpful to offer criticism without a suggestion for improvement. Therefore, I'd like to add some examples of articles that I at least would like to see, and encourage others to provide suggestions of their own in the comments section.

1. Is Vick an improvement over Gradkowski? Is Vick clearly superior to the other FA QB's available?

2. Breakdowns of individual players' performances in preseason games. I can't watch them, and I have no idea other than the stat line how Jarvis Jones did or Daniel Mcullers.

3. What other teams run a cover-2 defense, and what wrinkles do each add to it? How might the Steelers do it similarly but different?

4. Beef up articles already being done. For example, last week's article on whether Bell is the best RB in the league didn't even mention yds/att. It wouldn't take much research to present an actual comparison of RB's rather than simply "we like our guy because he seems to be very good."

5. How do the Steelers matchup with the Patriots? What's the word coming out of New England's camp on Garropolo?

6. Much has been made of the Steelers' tough schedule this year. How much of a correlation actually is there between a team's record and their opponents' combined record in the previous year?

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