Pittsburgh Steelers Fans Need To Display Forgiveness Towards Michael Vick Not Hatred


I am a little embarrassed by my fellow Steelers fans display of hatred towards Michael Vick, the level of hatred is so high that season ticket holders are threatening to sell their tickets which has made the national news. Is it really so hard to forgive someone? While I agree that Vick's actions were reprehensible, all indications are that he not only served over a year in federal prison but has gone onto be an outspoken advocate for PETA. The man has paid for his criminal actions and has went on to changing his life for the better.

Why are we so upset at this signing, surely you know having the human highlight film as our backup quarterback is a very sharp knife for our offensive coordinator to have in his drawer, to pull out when needed. Is our hatred all about Vick's cruel treatment toward dogs? Are we ashamed that our team signed a player we despise, and have been unable to forgive, even though Vick has done nothing personal towards us individually?

I say people are protesting to much for this signing and their cruel words only point back at their poor lack of empathy toward a fellow human being who has done what it takes to ask for forgiveness. All the harsh comments only reflect poorly towards the commentator, Michael Vick has admitted his wrongdoing and made changes for the better.

It is time to welcome Michael Vick to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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