Sign my petition: The first person to say that Vick should start over Ben should be banned for life from this site. Can we make that a rule?

You know it will happen. It is inevitable. Maybe it has already happened, however, I haven't been watching the threads closely, so tell me if I am wrong.

The moment Ben has a bad game, where he throws like two interceptions or if they lose to the 49ers, there will be someone who says they should give Vick a shot.

I humbly appeal to all the mods and/or admins here at BTSC that that person should be banned for life because they clearly do not have the intelligence capable of being a football fan (using the sarcasm font is accepted, since that shows at least some form of intelligence). They are, in fact, lower than Snoop Dogg on the Steeler fanbase food chain.

I am not trying to attack the fanbase or reader population on here as a whole. I don't believe I am doing anything that is worthy of being warned or banned on here myself. I am only trying to protect this site's reputation by weeding out the worst. Think of this as the "No Chris Left Behind" Family Guy episode where Chris is expelled because he is the worst student at the school in order for them to get funding, except that there are no negative side effects and this isn't for financial purposes.

Please, hear my pleas mods of BehindtheSteelCurtain. Make this happen.

*****Disclaimer*****: If I have offended anyone with this, I humbly appologize. This is partially serious, partially meant for fun and to make this whole Vick signing not as serious as it is made out to be by the media and fans.

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