Poll: Did you sign the Michael Vick petition?

Regardless of your stance on the matter, I was just wondering how many members on BTSC actually signed the petition to show their disapproval over the Michael Vick signing . It seemed to grow to 25,000 signatures very quickly, so I figured there had to be a few fans from here too who signed it.

I'm not trying to over analyze the matter, but from what I understand, the petition asks for Vick not to "wear a Steelers uniform", which he has already worn due to practices. Now I'm not sure how football savvy the disgruntled fans are that created this petition, but I can only assume they meant they wish for Vick's release.

Most of the readers here on BTSC are knowledgeable Steeler fans that know about our lack of depth at backup QB, so I would just like to know how many members here signed it by voting on the poll below I created. I have a neutral stance on the issue, so I'm just simply observing.

Good day.

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