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Pittsburgh Steelers Friday Night Five

Pull up a chair, or settle in on your couch, and join BTSC for a chat about our favorite team.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Lots of bad news since last Friday with a serious injury to Maurkice Pouncey, less serious injury to Stephon Tuitt, and the announcement about Martavis Bryant's suspension. The Bills preseason game is tomorrow at 4pm, so there is a ton to discuss.

1) Michael Vick signed this week and active commenters on here seemed to lose their mind. This question is pretty simple, and you are only allowed to answer with two words: Landry Jones or Michael Vick. If you could cut one now, who would it be?

2) On a scale of Zenned-Out to Completely Freaked Out, how are you feeling about the impact of Pouncey's injury on the team?

3) Special teams looked a lot better last week. Which unit would you like to see play better tomorrow against the Bills?

4) Which cornerbacks and safeties do you see making the final 53?

5) How do you think the NFL should handle marijuana use?

As usual, also tell us what you are drinking!