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NFL Hall of Fame Coverage First Half: Laughter, tears as Wolf, Haley, Tinglehoff, and Shields enshrined

The Steelers own Jerome Bettis is up last, but so far the HoF ceremony has not disappointed.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

So far, Ron Wolf, Charles Haley, Mick Tingelhoff, and Will Shields have been inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. Already, there have been some hilarious, brave, and moving moments, including:

Packers GM Ron Wolf. Sweet moment when Eliot Wolf presented his father. In a relatively concise speech, Ron "Way to go on that Brady thing" Wolf captured the journey of the Packers from football wasteland to one of the most consistently strong teams in the entire NFL.

Cowboys Charles Haley deserves a stand-alone article. From his hilarious account of his first time playing golf-- apparently, he kept driving the cart onto the green and when called out on it, proclaimed "All this $hit is green!"-- to his heartfelt recognition of his family and teammates, Haley's HoF speech was one of the best in recent memory. Perhaps the most poignant part of his speech was his admission that he struggled with depression for years before getting help. "I take my medicine every day," he admitted. In addition to his incredible contributions on the field, his admission that even an elite athlete should feel free asking for help when it comes to his mental health will go along way in destigmatizing mental illness in the NFL and among countless fans. He also does a killer Jerry Jones impression.

Minnesota Vikings Mick Tinglehoff. Bittersweet moment as his former Minnesota Vikings teammate Frank Tarkenton presented him and gave a speech on behalf of his best friend Tinglehoff, who appeared honored and happy on the occasion of his enshrinement, for which he waited over 35 years. Tarkenton was choked up as were Tinglehoff's family members in crowd. Tarkenton called his friend a man of few words, and, sadly, it appears there is an underlying reason for that.

Will Shields gave a pretty standard speech with all of the usual HoF details, gratitude, and memories. His legacy does not end on the football field; his children are high-achieving and evidence of Shields' strong character and values.