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Postgame Steelers vs. Vikings podcast with SteelCast

After the game join BTSC for postgame discussions reviewing the Steelers' first preseason performance, Jerome Bettis' induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Once the final whistle blows on tonights game, join myself and Dani Bostick for our postgame edition of SteelCast when we go over the second half of the preseason game, which Steelers depth players showed up, which didn't, and what to look for going into the team's next week of camp.

You can listen in by checking here, or by calling in at 347-850-8581 to listen or join in on the show! Instead of listening to your standard national coverage of what happens in this game, stick with us to hear a Steelers perspective on what happened, between the highlights and the lowlights. Dani and I will go over our winners and losers from the first game.

We'll also be reviewing Jerome Bettis' induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame from Saturday.

After we cover the weekend's happenings involving Steelers news, we will be joined by sports radio talk show host, Nkwa Asonyeh, as we discuss the State of the AFC conference.

We'll get a bit into our fantasy discussions towards the end of the show. Taking review of Antonio Brown's standing as the best fantasy wide receiver, as well as a review of our top 100 players to draft for PPR leagues. We'll end the show with a run of our fantasy matchups blitz where Dani and I debate which players with similar expectations you should select in your draft. If you have any matchups you would like to hear debated on the show, list them in the comments section.