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Podcast: SteelCast talks week two and Steelers vs. 49ers 11:00PM ET

Join us tonight as we recap week one news and get you prepared for week two!

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

SteelCast airs tonight as we recap NFL news from week one stories, survey the outlook of the league and prepare for week two. The Pittsburgh Steelers have started out the season 0-1 but how did the rest of the AFC north perform in comparison? Join Dani Bostick and Christopher Carter on tonight's show for some NFL talk as we get into the middle of our week.

Tonight's show starts at 11:00PM ET and will include the following topics:

  • NFL league overview after week 1
  • Steelers updated depth chart and players activated
  • The standing of Brandon Boykin in the secondary
  • Recapping Monday night football and Jon Gruden's bizzarre comparisons
  • Talk about the progress seen in the Steelers' defensive front
  • Preview the Steelers vs. 49ers game
  • Fantasy Start/Sit for week 2

As always you can join us live on the show by calling 347-850-8581 to ask questions or address topics that we're covering. You can also listen to our show live by clicking here.