Long and Proud Steeler Nation now put to the test

Steeler Nation: An organization founded by the Rooney family. The Rooney's have founded this organizaton on integrity. High character has always been the top priority, with a family atmosphere like no other. Just like any organization, there have been misses in judgement and decision making, but it does not take away what the intentions are in what they want this organization to stand for.

Chances were taken on some of our well loved players. A trade was made for Jerome Bettis, who the Rams no longer wanted any part of, and was a drug dealer in his youth in Detroit. I need not go into detail about a young Ben Roethlisberger, who turned his life around after his erratic behavior in riding motorcycles and rape allegations. This is an organization that has welcomed back Steeler greats, whom have left on bad terms such as Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Rod Woodson and Joey Porter to name a few. They are all retired as Pittsburgh Steelers as they should be.

You have The Rooney Rule, which has helped minorities land higher positions throughout the league. This is an organization that has excorsized opportunity for those who are overlooked. This is an organization whom is held in such regard in high character, that our own Dan Rooney was issued as Ambassador of Ireland by our president.

Now how about the success! We are the proud owners of 6 Lombardi trophies, most in the league. We are the organization that gave a face to defense in this league with the 70's Steel Curtain Defense. We have the most iconic symbol in the league, The Terrible Towel, which can be matched by no other organization. These are all things that we all came to know as The Steeler Way. The things that we all had such reason to take pride in as fans, and truly made us stand out more than any organization.

Now comes Michael Vick and it changed everything. This is a man who committed a heinous crime, that I too do not stand for. When he first returned to the league with Philadelphia, I wanted no part of him. I followed Vick very closely since his return. He sought council from our own Tony Dungy. He has worked deligently with The Humane Society and PETA to speak against the acts he once committted. He has had former teamates from Philadelphia and The NY Jets, speak on his behalf of what a good teamate he has been.

He has not had any on or off field issues since his release from prison. I would like to believe that we are all much better individuals in our 30's and beyond, than we were in our 20's. The man has paid his debt. Although he can't change his past, he is doing his best to correct the wrong. Man made law looks at acts of crime and sin as some being greater than others, which brings the difference in sentencing for such crimes. In the eyes of our creator, ALL sin is one in the same which means, there is no difference between a theif or a murderer. I'm sure that many of you have been given a second chance at your place of employment.

I'm confident that a supervisor has given you a second chance to clean up your act in some form or another, or lose you job. There are many forms of reformation. Physical, drug and alcohol abuse are to name a few. Do you call a former alcoholic who has not had a drink in 20 years, an alcoholic still? We now have a large amount of people who claim to be Steeler fans, sign a petition against Vick.

In what has truly been a tough offseason, with the recent suspension of Martavis Bryant to name a few, It is you self proclaimed Steeler fans that has been the organizations largest offseason distraction. You have invited nationwide bad media press, and have given a black eye to the organization and us TRUE Steeler fans. Do you know what makes a reformed man even more well reformed? Hate, because it constantly reminds the reformed man how far he has come. It's those who continue to point the finger at the reformed man who have the issue. You are the ones who are so busy looking at the reformed man's past, that you can't see your own hate and unforgiveness, which is sin as well. So who is worst you or Vick?

The second chance that the Steelers gave to Vick was recognizing his body of work to change his life around. You see, that is the TRUE Steeler Way, and we TRUE Steeler fans get it. This organization represents forgiveness while showing effort. You imposters that call yourselves Steeler fans have painted a picture for this organization, and us TRUE Steeler Fans that represents hate and unforgiveness. A true black eye to us all. If you posers want to jump ship, you're welcome to do so.

Although this may be a rough start to our season, those of us who remain will keep this ship afloat. When all the smoke clears, we will be the ones celebrating our 7th Lombardi at season's end. We don't want any of you stating that you were with us the whole way. The only way you're allowed back on, is to admit that you were wrong, the same way you want Vick to continue to do so everyday.

The truth is that anytime anyone that holds any position within this organization, who gives a bad reflection in character, whether it be the front office, or player is always a disappointment. Those of us claiming to be fans that are advocating hate and unforgiveness are also those who are considered part of this organization.

So when we find out that a Santonio Holmes is a repeated substance abuser, or the same with Lagerette Blount who not also is part of the aforementioned statement, but also a locker room cancer as well as Mike Wallace as displeasure; the same is to be said of you who have been long with us. For this organization and the TRUE fans it represents, to find out that YOUR character is of hate and unforgiveness is equally disappointing. You are the same as the transgressors that have come through this organization that they have tried so hard to uphold. You all should be shame of yourselves.

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