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Pittsburgh Steelers take to social media after last 2015 NFL preseason game

Week four of preseason football is generally met with indifference by fans, and unfortunately, players.

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Pittsburgh Steelers took to twitter after the last 2015 preseason game of the year. What did they have to say about gearing up for the regular season?

DeAngelo Williams is active on social media, and kept Thursday night's game in perspective.

He and Le'Veon Bell are also gearing up for the regular season, hoping to be one of the best RB duos in the league.

AMEN! Vince Williams pointed something we can all be thankful for.

The Steelers shared this picture of Antonio Brown interacting with fans.

Thanks for being here, #SteelersNation.

A photo posted by @steelers on

Next time the Steelers react to a game it will be in response to the outcome of the Steelers vs. Patriots season opener on September 10.