Why Brady's Suspension reversal can be good fortune for the Steelers

Hello Steeler Nation! I think we all know that Brady is guilty of the deflation of footballs. Starting from his laugh off coment at the Superbowl of "Now I think I heard everything", to changing his tune later to "I don't think I'm a cheater". He later destroys his phone to the tune of "It's common practice to destroy a phone when you purchase a new one". All of this to find out that his previous phone was not destroyed. While going into court, his attorney admits to issuing Brady to destroy the phone. So many inconsistancies here, but I won't elaborate on this any further.

We all know the history of Brady torching the Steelers. In the 2004 season, the Steelers blasted Brady and the Pats just to have them return the favor in the AFCCG. Much of that was due to spygate, being that Ward and Burress claimed they were calling out their plays. The torching continued, much do to the fact of DL's reluctancy to change the 10 to 15 yard cushion that never worked against Brady.

Proof of this was the press coverage against him in 2011 that Brady was totally unprepared for. Fastforward to this upcoming season which has been a rough offseason for the Steelers. Alot will be riding on if we can survive the first month of action due to the injuries and suspensions that have taken place.

I'm sure that we all also know that the defense will be nowhere near ready when the season begins. Though we have young talent, it will take time to gel with also adding the fact that Butler is now the new defensive coordinator. The way that this works in our favor is that the Steelers will be nowhere near full strength when we face the Pats in game one.

Adding in all these factors, If the Steelers can somehow survive the first month, It will create a huge element of surprise against the Pats should we face them in the playoffs. Being that we would have already had them at their best in the first meeting, there would also be nothing the Pats could truly use against the Steelers from the first meeting.

When you think about it, by that time you would have a much more polished Keith Butler. He would have a much better grasp on how he wants to run his scheme. Adding the fact that the defense would have gelled by then, It would be something Brady has never seen before. Now also factor in Pouncey, Bell and Bryant which gives a huge advantage to the Steelers due to their now porous secondary, and not facing them in the first meeting.

I know it doesn't look good for us in week one, but if the Steelers can somehow weather the first month and get a playoff berth, it would be advantage Steelers by a mile should we face them again. What better way can we have than spanking Brady and the Pats enroute to our 7th Lombardi Trophy.

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