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Be the Pittsburgh Steelers General Manager and make your 2016 NFL Draft selections

It is easy to criticize a team for their specific draft class, but what if you were calling the shots on Draft day?

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

It is easy for fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers to sit on their couch and yell and scream at the television regarding the team's NFL Draft selections. After all, fans aren't the ones in the team's war room looking at their big board and figuring out which draft pick would be the best for their team moving forward.

However, what if you were the Steelers General Manager and had to make the picks. As names come off the board, who, and what position, would you target? It is easy to criticize Kevin Colbert and company, but different to actually sit in his chair on draft day.

With that said, our friends at have given you the opportunity to put on your general manager cap and the ability to go through the NFL Draft for your favorite team. You can pick a one-round mock draft, or a full seven-round mock draft. It is up to you.

What we want to do here at BTSC, which has become a yearly tradition, is to give you the chance to run through as many scenarios as you want, and post your draft class in the comment section below. For obvious reasons, you want to pick the same big board to have consistency, so please post which big board you used for your specific draft class.

So, go to and make your picks. Then let us know who you picked in the draft! Better hurry, you are on the clock!