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2016 NFL Draft Mock Draft: Steelers take gamble on player with incredible potential in Round 2

The Pittbsurgh Steelers have plenty of draft needs in the upcoming draft, but will they take a risk on potential for a defensive lineman in the second round?

Mike Carlson/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers are preparing for a very defensive draft class this Thursday when the 2016 NFL Draft kicks off, but narrowing down the prospects is the tough choice. Here at SB Nation, it has become a yearly tradition for all NFL websites to do a community draft where the editors tackle the responsibilities of drafting two-rounds for the team they cover.

As the individual in charge of making the picks for the Steelers, in the first round, the Steelers selected Houston cornerback William Jackson III with the 25th overall draft pick, and in the second round the team addressed their need for a defensive lineman who can play nose tackle, as well as provide depth behind Cameron Heyward and Stephon Tuitt.

The team's selection was little known defensive tackle from South Carolina State, Javon Hargrave.

No. 58 - Pittsburgh Steelers: Javon Hargrave, South Carolina State

Jeff Hartman: After taking William Jackson III in the first round, the Steelers team needs were now between safety, defensive line and maybe even a wide receiver they thought could be a game-changer. With almost all quality safeties off the board, the team had a decision to make based on best player available at positions of need and value.

With that said, the team decided to select Javon Hargrave from South Carolina State. Despite playing at a small school, against sub-par competition, Hargrave has the size, speed, quickness and ability to be a force at the NFL level.

Although many might see this as a "reach" pick, Hargrave will be able to contribute as a rookie behind Stephon Tuitt and Cameron Heyward. There might even be the occasional situation where the three defensive linemen line up together to create one formidable defensive front. The Steelers haven't shied away from selecting players from smaller schools before, and Hargrave should prove to be a great value here in the second round.

SB Nation Analysis: Hargrave was completely off the radar until the offseason process. He starred at the East-West Shrine Game and looked good when he got called up to the Senior Bowl the next week. He's a stocky and squat lineman who is hard to move off his spot and could line up over the nose. Still, if you're considering Hargrave or a wide receiver, there is some real talent left at the latter. Players like Sterling Shepard of Oklahoma and Will Fuller are practically built for the Steelers offense.

In this particular draft scenario, the Steelers would have addressed their need at both cornerback and along the defensive line in the first two rounds, leaving the team the rest of their picks to address the potential need at safety, wide receiver and even along the offensive line.