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Steelers 2016 NFL Draft Scenario 3.0 - Pittsburgh makes a trade in Round 1

The 2016 NFL Draft is less than a week away, and we diagnose what would have to happen for the Steelers to trade their 25th overall pick, either up or down.

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With the 2016 NFL Draft just weeks away, it is time for us to continue breaking down particular scenarios which could unfold throughout the selection process on Draft Day. We will unveil up to 10 scenarios between now and the draft, and our third scenario wonders if the Pittsburgh Steelers would be trading their 25th overall pick throughout the first round.


With the 25th overall draft pick, the Steelers find themselves in a precarious, yet very common, situation. They won't have the option of taking any number of prospects, but will have to sit back and wait to see how their Big Board unfolds on draft day. One thing which could happen is a draft day trade. They happen every year, and could be one of two scenarios. First, would be the team trading up to get a prospect they truly desire and feel could be a difference maker on the team in 2016. Second, would be the team not impressed with any prospects at the 25th position, trading their pick to move back in the draft and gather more overall selections.

The scenario for trading up certainly could happen, and it seems to available if they feel an athlete like Andrew Billings is a must-have player. The Steelers don't have a lot of picks to offer, but the team has shown they will trade up if there is an athlete the truly desire. They did it with Troy Polamalu and go do the same for Billings or even a cornerback like William Jackson III.

Possible teams who the Steelers could possibly trade up with: Washington Redskins (21st pick), Buffalo Bills (19th pick), Indianapolis Colts (18th pick)

In my opinion, the most realistic scenario is the Steelers trading back in the draft. There are teams who could certainly want to get back into the first round, as well as one team who just wants ONE first round pick. If the main prospects the Steelers are targeting (Billings, Vernon Butler, Eli Apple, Mackensie Alexander, etc.) are all gone and they feel they don't need to spend a first round pick on a questionable player, they could certainly trade their 25th pick to get more draft picks throughout the selection process.

The Steelers could use more draft picks, already without a 5th round selection, and in this draft having two second round picks and a fifth could be the ticket for the Steelers to get out of the first round.

Possible teams who the Steelers could possibly trade with to move back in the draft: New England Patriots (don't have a first round pick), Cleveland Browns (have picks to trade, and might want a second first round pick) and the San Francisco 49ers (Chip Kelly loves to wheel-and-deal and could be willing to move back into the first round).

If I were to guess, the Steelers would be more willing to trade back in the draft, rather than trading up. The positions of need don't scream "must-have" talent in the first round, but plenty of depth at the safety, defensive line and cornerback positions. Don't be shocked if the Steelers stay put, but if the phone rings I guarantee the team will listen to potential trade conversations.

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