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2016 NFL Draft Day 3: Pittsburgh Steelers Open Thread

The Pittsburgh Steelers will be making three picks on the third day of 2016 NFL Draft. Sit back and enjoy the festivities with your fellow fans.

Chuck Anderson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, only one day of  of the 2016 NFL Draft remains. With that madness of Day 2 out of the way, Day 3 kicks off with the Steelers selecting in the 4th round, but then not again until the 6th. All of this before two 7th round selections.

It is time to sit back and see who the Pittsburgh Steelers select with their final three draft picks. Will they start hitting some offensive picks here in the late rounds of the draft?

Today we actually find out, but while you wait, why not enjoy the event with fellow fans in our Open Thread.

Sit back and watch the Cleveland Browns find a way to screw up all these draft picks, laugh at who the Baltimore Ravens select and ultimately just enjoy the draft. Remember to keep things respectful, and if you are bored, take a look at some of the great NFL Draft coverage we have on the site today leading up to the big event...if you haven't already.

Oh, one last thing...HERE WE GO STEELERS!!