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Pittsburgh Steelers pre-draft visits nothing but defensive players, again

The Pittsburgh Steelers continued to bring in potential prospects for the 2016 NFL Draft, and they continue to focus solely on the defensive side of the football.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Another day of pre-draft visits for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and another round of defensive prospects were brought in for a more intimate, one-on-one type of "get to know you" setting leading up to the 2016 NFL Draft.

The Steelers hosted defensive end Quinton Jefferson, defensive tackle Javon Hargrave, defensive end Dean Lowry and safety Demontrae Elston.

This is the second consecutive day the Steelers have hosted four players, and none of them have been offensive players. This doesn't necessarily mean the team isn't going to draft any offensive players, such a thought would be illogical at best, but the team is making it very clear they are focusing on the defensive side of the ball.

In this round of visits, the focus was on defensive tackles who the team could potentially target in the mid-to-late rounds of the draft, along with the safety Elston. The team is doing their homework on these players, both as football players and people, but their focus is clear when looking at the numbers of their overall prospects they've had in for pre-draft visits.

Pre-Draft Visit Position Totals:

Safety: 7
Cornerback: 3
Offensive Line: 2
Defensive Line: 4
Linebacker: 1

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