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Pittsburgh Steelers continue their offensive tackle search with Chris Hairston later this week

The Pittsburgh Steelers have hosted Russell Okung, are planning on hosting Ryan Harris and now Chris Hariston will be the next offensive tackle to be added to the list.

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers aren't waiting around to try and anchor the tackle position heading into 2016. Before the remaining free agent tackles all find greener pasture for the next season, the Steelers have already met with Russell Okung, formerly of the Seattle Seahawks, plan on meeting with Ryan Harris of the Denver Broncos and also the San Diego Charger's Chris Hairston.

Reports circulated Sunday the Steelers liked what they saw from Okung, and have extended an offer to the veteran tackle. Okung has other visits still scheduled, but could choose Pittsburgh if the offer still stands.

The team isn't waiting on Kelvin Beachum to make up his mind, and they aren't going to wait on Okung long either as they are still planning on hosting Ryan Harris and recently added Chris Hairston to the growing list of tackles coming to the Steel City.

These workouts and interviews will certainly put pressure on Beachum to make a decision, but also show the team is not comfortable going into the 2016 season with Alejandro Villanueva as the starting left tackle and Mike Adams, who didn't play a snap of football in 2015, as the primary back up. Adding one of these three tackles would be an upgrade over Adams, which is why the team is taking every precaution to protecting their million-dollar quarterback Ben Roethlisberger upright and healthy.