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Former Chargers safety Eric Weddle chooses Ravens over Steelers for 2016

The Pittsburgh Steelers were one of the teams in the Eric Weddle sweepstakes, but the veteran safety chose the Baltimore Ravens over Pittsburgh.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

In the minds of Pittsburgh Steelers fans, no one in their right mind would ever choose the Baltimore Ravens over the Steelers. Especially a potential free agent looking for a home. After all, when you walk by all those shiny Lombardi trophies, who wouldn't be mesmerized to the point of signing the contract immediately.

Well, I guess Eric Weddle is the exception to the above rule as the veteran safety chose the Ravens as his new home, instead of Pittsburgh.

Some, including yours truly, debated just how serious the Steelers were in trying to sign the costly veteran, but those facts will never be known now with Weddle donning the purple and black next season.

The Steelers will now turn their attention to the upcoming NFL Draft to fill the void still there at the safety position. Other than Mike Mitchell the team is looking at Shamarko Thomas and Robert Golden as the other experienced safeties on the roster. Weddle would have been icing on the cake for Pittsburgh, but it shouldn't deter fans from believing this team still is a Super Bowl contender, with or without Weddle.