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Pro Football Focus grades each of the Pittsburgh Steelers Free Agent moves this offseason

The Pittsburgh Steelers have made a number of moves in the first week of Free Agency, but how would each move be graded individually? See what grades PFF gives the Steelers acquisitions.

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Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers know the team isn't going to make any big splash moves in Free Agency, but even the realists in the fan base were probably surprised by the organization's activity throughout the first week of the Free Agent frenzy.

The team brought in their share of outside talent, and did plenty in keeping their own, but what grades would each transaction receive? Pro Football Focus graded all of the team's acquisitions to date. See how they graded the Steelers' offseason moves.

G Ramon Foster (PIT): Three years, $9.5 million with $2.75 million guaranteed

Over the past five years, Foster has developed into one of the most reliable guards in a league devoid of them. To retain his services for so little money, and with the knowledge the team isn't tied to him if his performance drops, is great work.

Grade: A-

CB William Gay (PIT): Three years, $7.5 million with $1.9 million guaranteed

This really isn't a lot of money for a guy who graded above-average and was as good as it got in a disappointing Steelers secondary in 2015. Gay might not be getting any younger, but the structure of the deal ensures the Steelers are covered if his play drops off.

Grade: B +

TE Ladarius Green (PIT): Four years, $20 million with $4.75 million guaranteed

This is a somewhat aggressive move for a team scrambling to replace the excellent (and now retired) Heath Miller at tight end. Green must be happy to be out of the shadow of Antonio Gates, and you'd imagine he's set to improve upon his career-high mark of 686 snaps in a season.

Grade: C+

S Robert Golden (PIT): Three years, $5 million with $1.25 million guaranteed

A shrewd re-signing by the Steelers who have brought back a guy who did a decent job in his 400 regular season snaps. Added benefit of having top end special teams ability.

Grade: C+

WR Darrius Heyward-Bey (PIT): Three years, $3.8 million with $400k guaranteed

Grade: C

(Editor's Note: This article was published before the Steelers agreed to terms with free agent tackle Ryan Harris.)