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Steelers CB Brandon Boykin finally making his rounds in Free Agency

The Pittsburgh Steelers brought in Brandon Boykin before the 2015 season for the final year of his rookie contract. Boykin, as a free agent, is finally making his rounds for his 2016 home.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It is difficult to think about a time when the Pittsburgh Steelers had a player with so many question marks surrounding him while he donned the black and gold uniform. Compared to cornerback Brandon Boykin, there isn't anyone who comes to mind.

After the Steelers watched their second round draft pick, Senquez Golson, lost to a season long shoulder injury prior to training camp, the team desperately needed help at the cornerback position. They called on troubled defensive back Brandon Boykin, then of the Philadelphia Eagles, and the team made a trade.

One conditional 2016 conditional draft pick for Boykin's services in the final year of his contract. However, that "condition" for that pick turned out to be quite the issue within the Steelers fan base and media. If Boykin played more than 60-percent of the Steelers' defensive snaps, the pick would be a 4th round selection. If he played less, the pick would turn into a 5th rounder.

Although no one knows for sure, it seems the Steelers were very devout in ensuring the Eagles only received a 5th round pick, and nothing higher. The team essentially benched Boykin until Week 13, when he was finally inserted into the regular defensive backs rotation and began making plays.

You could imagine Boykin was pretty upset about how the 2015 season played out, but as a free agent you would believe he would be drawing more suitors than he currently has to date. Nonetheless, Boykin is finally starting to make his rounds via Free Agency, and the first stop is with the Carolina Panthers.

The NFC Champions could benefit from Boykin's services, but so could other teams, like the Steelers, moving into the 2016 season. It isn't clear where Boykin will end up playing next season, but there are teams interested. Whether one of those teams is the Steelers is anyone's guess, but I'd bet against it.