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Pittsburgh Steelers continue to work the 90-man roster by releasing two players and adding a pair

The 90-man preseason roster can fluctuate on a daily basis. See who is out for Pittsburgh, and who is in, after they released and added a pair of athletes.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Injuries are tough, and life in the NFL can be down right cruel.

Two members of the Pittsburgh Steelers found this out the hard way when they were released by the team today. See who was released, and who was signed in their place to fill out the 90-man roster.

Severin suffered a shoulder injury this week in training camp, and it illustrates just how fragile some of these roles on the team can be. If you are a fringe player, like Severin, the team will not be patient and hold a roster spot for you. Instead, the team will cut ties with you and bring in someone else who can do the job.

Most of these players are nothing more than "camp bodies", but still serve a purpose as the team prepares for the upcoming season. The Steelers machine continues to move on, and now with a new wide receiver and tight end.

Friday the Steelers will have their annual Friday Night Lights practice held at 7:00 p.m. EDT at Latrobe High School Stadium.