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Predict the Steelers Draft with the new ‘Walk the Mock’ Draft tool

During the bye week, and beyond, try out this new draft tool to predict the Pittsburgh Steelers 2017 draft class.

NFL: 2015 NFL Draft Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

During the bye week things can get dull. Watching the rest of the AFC North is fun, but what if I told you there is a way you can sit down with a new mock drafting tool and try to predict the upcoming Pittsburgh Steelers draft class?!

Check out the details of the website below, from the creator of the site, BTSC’s own Shamarknado:

Walk the Mock – NFL Draft Tool

Bye week. I rate it just above the Pro Bowl on the excitement meter, which isn’t saying much. This is football season. I don’t want a break. I don’t want to watch other teams play each other while mine is at home. Sure there is fantasy football to fall back on, but that can only do so much. If you feel you are in the same boat, I have a solution to your bye week blues. You need to Walk the Mock.

For the past 6 months, I have been working on a new-and-improved mock draft tool called Walk the Mock. Feel like you can do a better job than GM Kevin Colbert at drafting talent? Now is the time to put your skills to the test. Perhaps you think a pass-rush specialist is in order. Or maybe you feel this is the year is to draft Ben’s replacement. Will you reach for a player of need or draft a value pick? It is time to put your GM skills to the test.


I love when draft season comes around. Folks are posting in comments and signatures their projected picks for their favorite team. Having tried other mock draft tools, I wanted to create my own with a few concepts in mind. One, I wanted a clean, yet stylish, interface. Two, there had to be a way to create a more informed user about the talent pool. Three, I wanted my draft results easily copy-able and shareable.

If you draft as a guest, the features are scaled back, but you can still draft a full 7 rounds and copy your results. However you are limited to drafting with the site rankings only. The best features are when you sign up for an account. You can unlock the full featured account for only $10/year. However, you can check things out for a whole week for FREE. No credit card information is needed. You won’t even be bugged about a fee until the full 7 days have passed.

Ok, back to the features. An unlocked account will give you access to player information as you draft. Chances are you don’t know the prospects’ names let alone other measureable and stats. I have done the leg work for you. On each player card, you will see information such as height/weight, 2015/2016 stat lines, traits such as injury history and combine placements, and a brief scouting blurb. With this information, I hope to make you a more informed GM so you can make smart(er) decisions.

Don’t agree with the current player rankings? When you create an account, you can move players around to customize your own personal rankings. Your rankings are also given a code that you can share with others so your friends can also draft using your rankings. Cool, huh? Maybe one of you will create an official BTSC ranking to share.

Give it a try

Now go give Walk the Mock a test run. Share it with friends. Gloat about your picks. Question someone else’s. Post your results in the comments section below, or if you are feeling brave, post your results on another team’s page. Good luck to all. With any luck, you will beat the doldrums of the bye week.