igloojoe's late round sleepers

Hello there. Your neighborhood igloojoe here today to bring attention to players who deserve it. Also the order does not matter, these guys all deserve more attention. Also, almost all of these guys come with a 7th round projection, except for Jatavis Brown, who is a fourth round projection.

First: Jatavis Brown ILB Akron

OK guys, this guy isn't really a sleeper to most teams, but he's not on the board, and I haven't seen anyone on this site talk about him. Jatavis Brown is going to be one of the most interesting players. He's undersized at 5'11 220 lbs, but he runs a 4.5 40. There have been some suggestions to move him to safety, but considering his linebacker instincts, he should stay at ILB. If you want proof of his talent, watch the fourth quarter of the NFLPA game. Few players can take over a game that well. He is going to be a menace on ST in his first year, and should be even better after that.



Second: Jamal Golden FS/KR/PR Georgia Tech

If you want a technically sound defensive back, you look for a Georgia Tech player. Those kids are very well coached. Fear has pointed out DJ White, and I'm a fan of his, but the guy I want more is Golden. A technically sound free safety that is also one of the best returners in college football. Where do I sign up? Especially since the price tag on this guy is projected to be a 7th rounder. Can I get two, please?



Third: JP Holtz TE Pittsburgh

First, let me say that I do not believe we need to draft a TE. The only way we will add a TE to play this year is in free agency. And if the TE we draft this year won't play, why not wait until the much deeper draft at the position next year? The one guy I'd like to see added to the roster is Holtz. This kid is an all around good TE with no supreme athletic traits. While he may never be a #1 TE, he will make a solid #2 or 3 guy who blocks well and can run routes just fine.



Fourth: Tyrone Holmes OLB Montana

I'm gonna be honest, I don't know a lot about this kid. All I know is that he made the tackles he faced in the shrine game look silly. The only reason that he didn't pop as much, is that his FCS counter part, Victor Ochi, did the same thing. What I do know is that this kid made some very nice pass rushing moves and won FCS defensive player of the year over James Cowser, another guy I like. If you have any more info on this guy, hit me up, because right now, he seems to have way more talent than where he is ranked. EDIT: I actually have found some more tape on Holmes. He has a particularly nice swim move and a good bull rush. He can either have a great first step or be the last off the line. I think he would be best suited to slim down slightly like Chickillo and move to OLB. One issue I noticed was a lack of counters, although, few players, at this stage, have counters to get of a block.



Fifth: Joel Stave QB Wisconsin

I like this guy, nuff said.

Sixth: Curt Maggitt OLB Tennessee

Curt Maggitt is ferocious. He is a very high motor guy that is tough not to like. Like Jatavis Brown, he will be a ST star his first year. My concerns are his limited athleticism. But as a runstuffer, he'd be a solid OLB. And if there is any chance that he can become a great OLB, he will do it. Right now his move arsenal consists mainly of rips and bullrushes, with some bend of the edge mixed in.



Seventh: Prince Charles Iworah CB Western Kentucky

Let me start by saying that this guy is ripped. He fills his 5'11 frame very well. Watching him in the NFLPA game was a treat. He played very well, and the one play that stood out to me around the 35 minute mark of the NFLPA game was a corner fade to the endzone in which he positioned himself perfectly got his head around and made sure the WR never had a chance. He's also another guy that has limited info available. Regardless, this guy seems to have the skills to be drafted. Especially if he runs a 4.4 40, like he is supposed to.


Eighth: Brandon Wilds RB South Carolina

This RB has a lot of things going for him. He's fast, he's a determined runner, he makes one cut and go, and he's hard to bring down. So what doesn't he have, igloo? It's not what he doesn't have, it's one thing he has, a long injury history. The guy can't seem to stay on the field. If he can start staying on the field, it would not surprise me if he turned into the next great UDFA RB.



Ninth: Cody Core WR Ole Miss

I feel bad for Cody. If he went to almost any other school, he would've been the top dog, and would at least be a mid round pick. He's got great everything physical: height, weight, and speed. His fundamentals are a bit lacking, but our coaching staff has shown a great ability to improve those. The only reason he's probably going to be sitting in the seventh round is the fact that his teammate just happened to be all world Laquon Treadwell. You know, the guy on every great college catches list ever. Core will fall, but that means he will be a great value for us.


Tenth: Destiny Vaeao DE Washington St.

It was either him or Onyemata, and it is still really a coin flip. Vaeao is slightly less raw, so I went with him. Like Onyemata, Destiny is a very gifted athlete who needs some work with John Mitchell to polish up the fundamental flaws. He's incredibly strong at the point of attack, but too often failed to use his hands to the fullest. The sky is the limit for this guy, but it's going to take at least a redshirt year to see it.



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