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Pittsburgh Steelers Friday night 5 questions and open thread

Another week is in the books, and it is time to have the weekly meeting of the minds here at BTSC in the open thread.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Okay I'm an hour apologies, the Penguins were on and I got distracted. Anyways, you know what day it is. It is Friday, which means it is time for another Pittsburgh Steelers Friday night 5 questions and open thread! You know the rules: state your beverage, answer the questions to the best of your ability and please refrain from conversation surrounding any more snow which might land in the Mid-Atlantic states this winter...30" was plenty for me this year.

Let's get this party started right.

1. Alan Faneca could be the next Steelers player to be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Considering he is a finalist in his first year of eligibility, who do you see getting inducted into the Hall AFTER Faneca?

2. Speaking of potential Steelers added to the slew of busts in Canton, OH, do you think Hines Ward is a Hall of Famer? Sure, Steelers fans love No. 86, but looking at his statistics and who has been overlooked already, if/when do you see him getting in?

3. Troy Polamalu was recently inducted into the Polynesian Hall of Fame (article and video coming Saturday). What is your favorite Troy moment of his time with the Steelers? Tough to narrow it down, I know.

4. We are going to be doing some "throwback" GIF breakdowns of the 1970s Steelers and even some of the 1990s teams. Of the 1990s, who was your favorite offensive and defensive player in the 'Blitzburgh' era?

5. The NFL is trying to turn the night before the Super Bowl into a huge event with the NFL Honors event. Will you watch, or is it just another publicity stunt by the league?

That's all for tonight folks...enjoy the Super Bowl and be sure to check back to BTSC this weekend as we will continue to have some great coverage on the Super Bowl and the Steelers!