Joel Stave: That guy I keep rambling about.

Joel Stave is a 23 year old, 6'5, 229 pound QB from Wisconsin. Now, as some of you might know, Joel Stave is one of my biggest sleeper picks. Now your probably going, "what does this guy know, I mean he lives in an igloo and is named Joe." Well actually, both of those are wrong, and I have been studying every QB that has played in the bowl games. That is where I found Joel Stave, a participant in this year's shrine game. Stave is very intriguing due to a multitude of factors. First, Joel Stave has the prototypical size looked for in a franchise QB, and unlike most QB's I have seen, he uses it.


In this play, Stave takes the hit, but still delivers a catchable ball that would've been caught if the TE was running a precise route.

Second, Stave has a prototypical NFL caliber arm. He can fit the ball into tight holes in the secondary. Now, sometimes, Stave will try to force a ball due to his ability to put it on the receivers and get punished for it. I think a year of coaching when to throw a pass and when not to would help Stave avoid the costly mistake.



These next two gifs show how accurate Stave can be. Both times he hits his man in the perfect spot where only he can get it.

Finally, Stave can do something that very few college QB's can do. Stave can make anticipation throws. This past year under Paul Chryst, Stave showed a knack for throwing timing curls and slants with his wide receivers. It's especially impressive considering how many injuries were suffered by Wisconsin over the course of this year.


This is the best example of Stave throwing a timing route. He puts the ball up before the WR ever gets out of his break, and places it perfectly over the CB. It's a beautiful NFL caliber throw.

Joel Stave is a very interesting prospect who can become a franchise QB someday. He needs to work on his footwork some more, and needs to work on decision making, but I heavily believe he is worth way more than the 7th round price tag. Consider this, in college, Stave could change run plays at the line to quick one step slants. Does that sound like another QB you know? You want a guy that will fit with Haley, it's him. There are gonna be some people who try to point at his stats, but think about this. Stave played under three different HC's. He never had a star WR that most other top "tier" QB's have. His Oline this year was riddled with injuries. His RBs consisted of a converted CB and a converted LB. Is he perfect, no, but he is the 5th best QB I have seen this year, and he could eventually grow to be better than most of them. That is why I keep rambling on about him.

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