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Pittsburgh Steelers take to social media to celebrate the elimination of the 'chop block'

The NFL has made the 'chop block' illegal in the game of football for 2016. This was to protect players knees from linemen diving at their legs. See what some Steelers players said on social media about the change.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, the NFL Competition Committee voted to make the 'chop block' illegal moving forward. This decision was met with obvious skepticism, and celebration, depending on which side of the football you called home. Offensive players were left wondering if the stretch running game will become a thing of the past, and defensive players cheered knowing 300-pound linemen wouldn't be crashing down the line of scrimmage diving at their lower extremities.

As for the Pittsburgh Steelers, there were a select group of players who took to social media to discuss the rule change, and what it might mean to them as the 2016 NFL season inches closer and closer.