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Pittsburgh Steelers Friday Night Five and Open Thread

It's Friday already and we are one week closer to the start of the regular season! Pull up a chair, grab a drink, and join us for a Friday open thread.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Happy April Fool's Day! In case you missed it, Le'Veon Bell pulled a stupendous prank on Steelers Nation, faking his departure from the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you lost track of time, you might have fallen for it. If you did, you would have been in good company. According to Bell, his agent was concerned, too! Here's the original article from earlier today.

On to BTSC's Friday Five. Tell us what you're drinking and post your answers!

1) What has been the most surprising NFL story so far this off season?

2) Lance Zierlein's latest mock draft has DE Joey Bosa going to the Baltimore Ravens with the sixth overall pick. Which projected first-round player would you absolutely NOT want to see in Baltimore?

3) Ike Taylor has cornerback Kendall Fuller of Virginia Tech going to the Steelers in the first round. Zierlein has cornerback William Jackson III as the Steelers first-round pick. Do you think the Steelers should pick a cornerback in the first round?

4) If you could change one NFL rule, what would you propose?

5) If the Steelers could magically acquire any AFC North player for free, which player would you have them choose?